Children’s attitude is one of the most common problems people face when they want to move somewhere, no matter how far is it. A lot of questions suddenly show up: How easy will all the journey be for a child? How much time will the adaptation process take? How to cope with unexpected children’s tantrums, when everything must be under control?

Our experts will try to answer these and many other frequent questions in this article.

1. When is the right time to move?
Of course, you never know when the time is right or not for whatever it is, but you can always predict if the period is stressy or calm for you. So, always choose the calm time in kids’ lives. Would be perfect if you can just press a snooze button. The main point – your child has not to change a school very fast, so, schedule a holidays time or weekends at least. Your children will have more time to adjust to general environment in general before going to different society.

2. Temper tantrums – how to prevent?
First of all, be ready for everything: forewarned one is forearmed one. Keep talking with your child, answering all the questions appear. If your child don’t feel lonely or confused about moving, you will avoid mood swings, both yours and childs. Discuss the future room, house and school in a positive light, stay enthusiastic and share your real emotions – yes, you can look nervous, and children see it, but explain them it’s a “good kind of stress”, the exciting one. No doubt, the children will follow the wave you set.

3. How to label boxes?
Your magic wand during moving are labeled boxes. Always label room-by-room boxes clearly, so that unpacking won’t be unbearable for you. Always leave some favorite toys for playing in the road – they will help to entertain children and keep them feel “at home” all the time. Also, write the unpacking list in such a way that children’s stuff won’t be in the end – they need to feel not less significant than adults are.

4. What about nutrition?
Let your family to feel all the moving joy! Stop near the closest fast food restaurant in new area and buy some burgers for your little monsters, they’ll definitely appreciate it. It could become a great lifelong memory for them. And what’s most important, you’ll be free from cooking for the moving days which seems like pleasant bonus, doesn’t it?

5. Is there a need to call outside assistance?
Not everyone has enough energy to combine a lot of duties at once. Moving is a difficult process itself, you’re constantly concentrated on thousands of boxes, transportation, money and so on. And, when it’s coming to children, you’re simply exhausted. Don’t let yourself to burn out, since you won’t enjoy the all benefits of moving in the end. Changing place of living is really inspiring process that encourages people to start everything from scratch. You’re not a robot and don’t have 8 arms, so don’t hesitate to ask other people for help. If You have some reliable relatives and friends, call them to spend some time with your children and you will get a lot of time for serious issues. Anyway, you can always call for a baby-sitter, but someone familiar and close to your children is always better during this period actually. Delegate your responsibilities, create a little helping team maybe even, in general – have fun!

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