Interstate moves are long distance moves which require a high level of responsibility, logistics, and safety. With All Directions Van Lines, you will get all these points and even more.

Upon booking a job, we usually offer our new customer a 2-3 day pickup window. Our dispatch will confirm the actual pick up day approximately 24 hours before our crew arrival and will determine the best time to begin the pickup. After that, our driver will contact you about one hour before arriving at your house or a pick up place.

Before loading, the crew will execute a walk-through to compare the declared list of items and evaluate the approximate amount of packing supplies required. Once you sign the contract, the crew will begin labeling and safely loading your items into the moving truck. At the same time the foreman documents every single box and/or piece of furniture on the inventory check-list.

Our company’s policy is that all the wooden furniture is 100% protected, thanks to quilted moving pads, cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. We do not charge for shrink-wrap, packing tape, furniture pads used for regular furniture. However, all types of boxes used to pack your items by our company crew will add an extra charge, unless otherwise agreed upon booking a job.

The driver/mover has to depict the ongoing physical condition of items being packed and will document on the inventory check-list. If any damages noted, the driver/mover will inform you of them before packing. You ought to check if everything is documented and labeled correctly on the copy of all paperwork you sign before crew departure. The driver will ask you for the 1st available delivery date, though it’s not a guaranteed date. Your household goods will arrive within the estimated delivery window you agreed upon with a sales representative while booking a job.

You will receive a 24 hour notice before your household goods are delivered to destination point. All deliveries are usually performed by tractor trailers, but if there is no access for such large vehicle to the delivery address, there could be an extra charge for a shuttle service, as the crew will have to rent a smaller truck from a third-party company and do extra work. They will carry your household goods at no extra cost for the first 75 feet from the parking place where they can legally park the vehicle. The first 10 steps of staircase are also included into the quote (we waive the stairs inside the house or an apartment).

Need a Warehouse?

We offer complimentary first month storage free of charge to save you some funds on storing your household goods
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